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Swabbing is the practice of retrieving any excess oil or gas from an old well. Swabbing can continue for years until the well is completely depleted. It is a relatively fast process, and the amount of oil retrieved is low, but there are several advantages of this practice. 

Swabbing in Grande Prairie is not an uncommon practice, as this area is rich in oil and gas. Many borewell companies use swabbing services to recover liquid from the wells even after they have stopped production. Some of the advantages of swabbing in Grande Prairie are listed here. 

1. Increases production

Before swabbing was as advanced as today, digging a new well was the only option to increase production. However, today you can continue getting significant production from oil and gas wells when they are swabbed. 

Swabbing is an easy process, and it can help remove a majority of the leftover fluid from the well. You can also continue swabbing the same well for years to make the most out of each well. 

2. Better for the environment 

Swabbing can help the environment by reducing the number of new oil wells. If older wells continue to make significant production, oil companies are less likely to dig new wells. This practice helps prevent wastage, which is good for the environment. 

Additionally, if you have fewer wells to maintain, there are lower chances of leaks and accidents. By reducing the number of wells, you can reduce the cost of maintaining, repairing, and inspecting the wells.

3. Saves time and effort 

Swabbing in Grande Prairie is a relatively fast and easy process. Swabbing each well takes less than an hour, so that you can get swabbing services for a few wells on the same day. 

Moreover, when you regularly get swabbing services in Grande Prairie for your wells, you can continue extracting oil from older wells, allowing you to limit the effort needed for digging new wells. 

4. Continued profits 

Digging a new well is both time-consuming and expensive. The overhead cost of drilling a new well is extremely high, leading to a rise in the oil price.

If swabbing in Grande Prairie is done regularly, there is an opportunity to profit from older wells for many more years. 

The bottom lineEarlier, when an old well started to deplete, the only option was to dig a new well. However, with the advancement of technology, swabbing services in Grande Prairie have become very efficient. So, owners can continue to get more oil from the same well for years.

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